Optical Inspection System

Infinity Automation specializes in delivering integrated automation, process and control systems for a wide range of industries that include Rubber, Automobile lighting, Automobile Hose Etc. Infinity has been providing effective, efficient and reliable systems for over 15 years. One of the leading supplier of Vision Inspection Machine and Optical Sorting Machine.

Some Key Specifications of Vision Inspection Machine

How we craft machine vision systems

Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design. – Charles Eams

We have a dedicated team of developers who excel in machine vision technology.

  • Software used: NI-LabVIEW, TIA: Our expertise in Machine Vision and LabVIEW software development enables us to provide complete solutions in automated testing.
  • Industrial cameras used: Baumer, Basler, FLIR: High performance GigE Vision, USB3 Vision industrial cameras give excellent image quality & high frame rate which allows us to perform critical operations with high speed.
  • Frame Grabbers: Advantech, BitFlow, Euresys: We use frame grabbers that allows us to capture images at high speed. These prove effective in video streaming applications.
  • Machine Vision Lights: MVRPL, Baumer, Alphatechsys: Illumination sources in machine vision systems play a crucial role. The quality and appropriateness of lighting are critical aspects for creating a robust and timely vision inspection. Depending upon application, we select proper lights which gives more accurate measuring & inspection.

Solutions we provide

We program complex applications which include multiple operations like

Universal O ring Inspection Machine


O Ring Inspection Machine


Bearing Roller Inspection System


Fastener Inspection Machine


Bush Inspection Machine


Automobile Wiper Nozzle Spray Inspection Machine